We Connect the Dots!

Cloud-based Solution


Seamless integration with Building Management Systems (BACNET) via APIs.


Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Occupancy Solutions.


Any Device, and any datastream.


Works with any cloud provider – AWS, Azure, Alicloud, On-premise servers.

Case Studies

Asia Green is a premier commercial office building in Singapore. They have an ethos committed to a new way of thinking about the offices and commercial spaces and envisions a future where buildings can be greener and healthier.

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Sanken is a leading provider of HVAC, commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing solutions. Sanken develops new environmental technologies which harmonizes with nature – air, water, and sunlight, resulting in a comfortable and eco-friendly environment for customers and for society as a whole.

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art aqua is a leading water wall and green wall maker in Europe. They believe that the interplay of nature and everyday life balances the mind and supports physical regeneration and have developed water and green wall solutions which create a positive effect on body, mind, and soul.

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