About :  art aqua is a leading water wall and green wall maker in Europe. They believe that the interplay of nature and everyday life balances the mind and supports physical regeneration and have developed water and green wall solutions which create a positive effect on body, mind, and soul.   Their tagline is “Nature is our role model, design is our language and well-being is our goal!”


Problem: Even though indoor spaces are climate controlled, seasonal changes such as increased temperatures and humidity have an impact on indoor environmental conditions. This often leads to reduced comfort and wellness of the occupants. Resulting in too hot or too cold rooms and or too humid or too dry indoor areas. One cannot improve what one does not measure. Hence quantification of these indoor environmental parameters is essential.


Goal :  art aqua wanted to develop ways to measure and visualize the real-time conditions and the impact of these conditions in their swanky showroom. They found that the solution from EnviroSENSE meet their need to provide the real-time indoor environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, and air quality conditions of their indoor showroom spaces. The art aqua team requested that the dashboard be developed in German and within a few weeks turnaround, EnviroSENSE delivered a fully functional dashboard in the local language.


Approach : The DIY (Do It Yourself) EnviroSENSE Solutions “Basic” kit was shipped to Germany. The communication and the installation were very easy. The Wi-Fi based preconfigured sensors were installed in the showroom (4,300 square feet) by art aqua’s team in less than half an hour.  Data collection has been for over 12 months and is ongoing. This space has approximately 20 occupants. The instantaneous plug and play approach provided a meaningful data driven approach for understanding how these indoor environmental conditions were impacting the wellness and comfort of the occupants. Additionally, humidity was impacting the comfort of the occupants. Especially in cold winter seasons. Dry conditions were leading to upper respiratory health concerns. Mold and mildew growth was the result of too much humidity.


The positive impact was the elegant visualization and analytics. We learned so much about our spaces and could save 27% of our heating costs and the feel-good level is much more higher according to our survey with our employees.” – Claudio Lai, General Manager, art aqua.


EnviroSENSE is an excellent company to work with and has state of the art technology. We intend to implement the EnviroSENSE dashboard and analytics in our client projects, so they can also work with their own metrics and have the ability to improve their feel-good level, heating and ventilation costs and the CO2 footprint.  We will also be working with EnviroSENSE and other partners to develop and create a full loop control system to optimize the conditions inside the work environment. 


Impact : The data visualization and analytics platform from EnviroSENSE Solutions provided an easy to detect approach of the areas of the showroom that were too dry or too humid. art aqua’s water walls were the answer to mitigating these seasonal humidity conditions indoors. Thereby, improving the comfort and wellness of the occupants. The indoor temperature, humidity and CO2 measurements were useful for the overall maintenance of the health of the plants


Value :  The EnviroSENSE solution enabled art aqua employees and customers to better understand what is happening on the office floor and to improve heating,  ventilation  and CO2 footprint.  Optimal levels of humidity, temperature and air quality levels were established for the employees. With a clear floor map view, especially the heatmap, areas which had less than desired metrics could be identified, and appropriate relocation of water and green objects done to improve the situation.


Summary : art aqua was looking for a partner on their Green Journey towards reducing carbon impact. art aqua is helping the world a little more livable, and for all of us to be a part of it! EnviroSENSE strives to make more efficient indoor spaces. EnviroSENSE was able to meet all of art aqua’s needs and is working closely with Mr. Claudio Lai to co-develop an integrated art aqua and EnviroSENSE solution to include control and analytics for optimization of the indoor environment.