What is EnviroSENSE?

EnviroSENSE is an open, end-to-end, IoT & data analytics solution that quantifies the indoor environment in the context of people, comfort, productivity, wellness, and sustainability.


Environmental Quality

Improve quality of living and overall health.


and Wellness

Better comfort, productivity and well-being.


and People

Enhance and secure your social environment.


and Sustainability

Increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

The Problem

The indoor environment is not healthy, energy efficient or human centric.



Global warming emissions from built environments.



Unhealthy buildings, with COVID19 adding to it.



Time spent outdoors.



Employees impacted by the quality of their work environment.



Building owners interested in creating healthier buildings for occupants.



Wastage of energy consumed in commercial and industrial buildings.  

We monitor, analyze and optimize indoor spaces, in real time.

Real-time monitoring using IoT / Sensors

Data collection and visualization

Contextual data analytics

Actionable controls

Make a Difference with Envirosense 

Any Device, Any Data Stream, Any Cloud Provider

User Intuitive Dashboard


Hardware Enabled SAAS


Plug & Play




Customizable Thresholds


Enable Control and Optimization

Multiple Market Segments

An end-to-end solution delivering a full suite of air-quality, occupancy and energy management solutions.


Improve academic  performance and attendance.


Better comfort, productivity and wellbeing.


Improve quality of  life and wellbeing.


Better indoor conditions for patient and healthcare staff.

Passion Drives Us

The EnviroSENSE Team



Co-founder & Chief Everything Officer


Responsible for all day-to-day operations and customer focused activities driven to improve the environment byte by byte.


Over 20 years of product management, sales, customer service, support, and operational experience in multinationals such as Danaher, Promega, Amersham (acquired by GE Healthcare), and Takara Bio. She has a MS in Molecular Biology and brings this perspective into building science with a focus on wellness and sustainability of buildings.


Anu believes the way forward is to empower each member of her team to be decision makers, be inclusive and be the bridge to be successful together. She is known to often take-up challenging problems and turning them into well adopted, profitable and sustainable products.



Co-founder & CTO


Responsible for Overall Product Development and R&D.


Most recently a Professor of Smart Buildings with PhD in Buildings, Sekhar has over 30 years of experience in energy, smart sensors, smart buildings, and cities, IoT, data analytics, wireless sensor networks – with global senior leadership roles in Cisco Systems, Wind River Systems, Freescale Semiconductor, Motorola, Sprint, UN, US EPA and Trane Technologies.


He is a mentor, passionate teacher, keynote speaker at several international conferences and is a voracious reader.








Chief Solutions Architect


Responsible for overall solution architecture, design and development.


Over 25 years of industry experience with enterprise applications, databases, integrations, platforms, IoT & analytics – designed and delivered unique solutions in hi-tech, health care, manufacturing, software sectors around the world.


B.E. (Comp Sc & Eng.) NIT, India; MBA Santa Clara University, California.












Director, Software


Responsible for the overall development and maintenance of the software, cloud, installations, data integration with third parties etc .


Graduated in 2006 and has over 12 years of experience in software development in technologies including Java/J2EE (Sun Certified), PHP, Webmaster, Restful Web Services, MySQL, PLSQL etc. She loves to learn about new products/technologies in the market and keep herself updated.


She enjoys travelling, listening to music and reading fiction.






Director, Operations


Responsible for all project engineering, setup, installation and commissioning, deployment, customer interface and support.


Over 3 years of experience in project engineering, business development, marketing, customer relations.


Masters in Engineering from National University of Singapore.










Front-End Software Engineer


Responsible for the design and development of UI Elements in the web application.


Integration with backend via API integrations.


4+ years experience in front-end development – Javascript, HTML, AngularJS.












Software Engineer


Focus on front-end and UI.


Graduated Cum Laude from the University of Southern California (USC) with a degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. She has excellent coding skills in Java, Python, C/C++, C#, HTML/CSS/JS, SQL and has worked on UI/UX and Mobile applications at Microsoft and Facebook the past 4 summers.


She is a Girls Scouts Gold Award Winner, enjoys rock climbing, loves pets and has given several Ted talks on the Digital Divide.





Hardware Wizard


Mathematician-turned-engineer studying Bioengineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley.


An engineer from UC Berkeley, Risheek has experience in robotics, bioinformatics, data science and machine learning, and their applications in electronic and biological-interfacing devices. Through these interests, he has had experience working with a variety of tools that bring ideas from these fields to hardware products, such as microcontrollers and microelectronics, TensorFlow, and Electronic CAD.