About: Asia Green is a premier commercial office building in Singapore. They have an ethos committed to a new way of thinking about the offices and commercial spaces and envisions a future where buildings can be greener and healthier.

Wellness: By building “wellness” into the building’s DNA, Asia Green cultivates a holistic workplace environment that promotes employees’ health and well-being, as well as environmental sustainability for all its tenants. Well-designed and “healthy” buildings not only improve the physical and mental well-being of its occupants, but also potentially keep them safe from pathogens.

Quantifying the Benefits: Asia Green’s management and design teams worked closely with EnviroSENSE to develop a solution which exemplifies its vision. The goal was to develop a human centric work environment which resulted in better well-being, happier employees, and tenants with higher productivity, while ensuring a green and sustainable future.   By putting occupants’ health at the heart of the building, Asia Green boasts better indoor environment quality as well — increasing the potential for more productive employees. Great care has been taken to provide ample avenues for wellness in and around the building for the tenants’ well-being.


The Solution: EnviroSENSE provided an end-to-end solution with real time data collection and monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Light, Noise, Indoor CO2, and Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC). The solution enabled the integration of the building management system (BMS) to reflect the sustainability value of the building including renewable energy from its solar panels, total energy used, carbon footprint as well as potable and recycled water usage patterns and trends.

The solution enabled Multi-Stage Deep-Dive Data Analysis with Real Time Data Visualization, Interactive Dashboard Building, Floor, Zone & Map View, Real Time Trending & Data Analytics, Wellness, Sustainability, IEQ Levels, Custom Alarms & Alerts, Data Analytics & Correlation. A 5.5m tall by 2.7 m wide LED screen was lit up using EnviroSENSE provided data as illustrated here.  The screen reflects not only the overall indoor environmental conditions but also how the building is doing in relation to its annual sustainability and carbon reduction goals.

Impact: Constant indoor air quality monitoring ensures excellent air circulation, and the extensive landscaping provides many opportunities for employees to take a breather and refresh their tired eyes. With its energy-efficient features, tenants’ operating costs, energy use and environmental impact have also seen a significant reduction. Together, they help tenants meet their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.