Product Features

Making spaces more comfortable and productive.


Real-time data collection and monitoring

Ambient Conditions






Air Flow

Water Properties

Power and Energy Use


Multi-stage, Deep-Dive Data Analysis text

Real-Time Data Visualization

Interactive Dashboard

People Traffic Flow Map View

Trending and Data Analytics

Custom Alarms and Alerts

Data Analytics Reports


Impact Analysis and Control Strategies

Occupancy and Social Distancing

Better Well-being

Happier Employees

Integration with Building Systems

Improved Productivity

Reduced OPEX

Higher Revenues

Real-time State of the building

1  Multiple views of summary, digital floor plan, trends, analytics and reports.


2  Customizable real time data visualization of site, floor, zone and device views.


3  Customizable thresholds with corporate or International standards for site, floor  and zone.


Notifications using e-mail / SMS / Social Media, in case of outages or out of bounds.


5  Highlighting problem areas on the dashboard.


6  Historical Trending – Short / mid / long term.


7  Compare different areas (floors/zones) in a site / building. 

Actionable Insights and Detailed Analytics

1  Sensor map for each parameter with out-of-bounds indicator.


2  Color-coded heatmap for each parameter, for each floor.


3  Spatio-temporal heatmap with compliance to thresholds. 


4  Correlate events and establish benchmarks.


5  Identify hotspots across building / sites / floors.


6  Interactive calendar map with daily average conditions.


7  Out-of-bounds analysis.